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Latest news and releases

Latest music tracks : 3 music tracks for the upcoming new album. These latest compositions do not follow on stylistically from my previous tracks, and features new elements and combines ambient and epic sounds.


This track is a part of album “hyperjump” .
 You can listen this music on Youtube also.

New World

This music will be on a new album “hyperjump”, combines ambient and epic music elements.

 published. This track is a part of album “hyperjump” .  


This music is the 1st  track for the album “Hyperjump”

Transcendent particles

Earlier music, features combination of space music elements and individually designed patches

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Paintings featured in my music tracks
 ©  Grandfailure ,   © Liuzishan,
 (c) outsiderzone ,  © 3000ad


New music track was published : Infinity
This one is for the project “Hyperjump”

Image animation for music video was created by attilasebo
You can listen this music on Youtube