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Cookies are tiny pieces of information that are stored by your Internet browser as text files on hard drive of your computer.
This site was made using different WEB editor applications. These applications  and / or software, due to the technology   may use cookies without the knowledge of the web developer / author.  We are not using any cookies other than is built in the original functionality or codes of the used WEB developing applications. Using this site you agree to block cookies manually in your browser, if you decide not to accept any cookies. Blocking cookies may not affect the proper use of this page.

Third parties cookies and any other third parties elements
Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a website other than this store. There may be links to other services outside this site. For example, this site may have media content or like buttons, or media player application placed on 3rd parties server. This page can use content or ads from third-party advertising companies that may use web beacons and cookies to check web page activities.

Using these sites, these elements may set a cookie. That would be considered a third-party cookie. Some advertisers may use these cookies to track your visits to the various sites. If you are concerned about this, you may be able to disable third-party cookies and other similar elements in your browser. For details, check out the user guide of the specific browser or seek assistance of qualified expert. Note: Disabling third-party cookies in any browser may not stop all types of tracking by advertisers or functions of 3rd parties applications.
The owner of this page - attilasebomusic - is not responsible to any cookies and any related elements, and any kind of effect caused by those elements, set up by third parties.

We are also not responsible to any data collection, data handling methods, policies or cookies made by such third parties sites. Any information collected by  third parties via web beacons, scripts, and cookies is not linked to any personal information that we collect.
Using this site you agree to block cookies or any unwanted elements manually in your browser, if you decide not to accept any cookies included third parties cookies or any other kind of elements.  Blocking cookies and other elements may not affect the proper use of this page but may affect the functionality of 3rd parties applications.

Third-party service providers
We use services of third-party service providers to perform functions on our behalf. Information disclosed to them is to help in their service. For example, for email form we may using 3rd parties services. Email form and social media like buttons are a built in component of the WEB developing software was used for this site and may contain functions where any submitted data may be transferred via / into 3rd parties.

Collecting information

 We do not collect and do not store personal data submitted via this site and w e are not responsible and do not have control on data handling of 3rd parties companies.  If there is any purchase or licensing option are available, all such functions  are processed outside of this web page and those shops / sites have their own privacy policy and terms. In particular, rare cases, we might collect information for invoicing only, and have to store invoicing data for book keeping for a period of time required by local law.


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Log files, web page and activity tracking
We may see IP addresses, URL from which you access this site and date/time stamp, and type of browser, online activity, page visits, geographic location of visitors. We may use third parties applications for tracking any activities inside this site for system administration and statistics, education purposes only, and does not store such data, except legally required.

Share of information
We does not share any information entered or collected in this site for third parties except for authorities required by law.

If you contact us via email, Sebo Attila – attilasebomusic  may use your email address to communicate with you.   If the communications technically is not possible, the reply email address is invalid, then we delete your incoming message and may not try to keep contact unless you provide a valid email address.  Successfully contacting us via email  via email form located here indicates you may have e-mail  newsletters and updates from us later. Newsletter and update email service can be canceled at any time later.

Access to this site for children
There may be images / media content does not fit for age under 16. You are warranted that you are either 16 years of age or are using this site with the supervision of a parent or guardian.

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